Sabrina Gschwandtner at Shoshana Wayne

Stitching Peculiar History: Sabrina Gschwandtner

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With players like Rosamund Felsen moving out of Bergamot Station and into Santa Fe neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles, I wonder the fate of the Santa Monica art scene. I’ve frequented the borough back in the days when galleries like Mark Moore were running programs and I feel nostalgic. Be that as it may, seeing visual and brainy intelligence like that of Sabrina Gschwandtner lights up (quite literally) a glimmer of hope. Illuminating walls of Shoshana Wayne Gallery are Gschwandtner’s quietly luminescent Film Quilts —a seemingly strange combination in terms of both the material choice for the craft and subject matter for the arts.

Drawing from traditional quilting patterns, textile documentary, and fashion educational 16mm film strips (they are oh so intimate in size!), Gschwandtner’s conceptual framework is delightfully clear and articulate. The work is pleasantly straightforward and direct. It does not hang me up in some esoteric realms. Though I appreciate the canning ability of the artist to communicate through her work, I am most excited about the very physical, tactile nature of her sculptural orchestration.

Weaving together countless strips of films with often black or white threads, the resulting wall hanging pieces, albeit supported by sturdy, backlit frames, are joyfully wobbly and preciously fragile. They create oddly entertaining rhythmic bumps and humps. Carefully constructed, the source-specific patterns bring a sense of order back into each piece. With near silent yet very present radiance of light from behind, the sensory experience of Gschwandtner’s work is a gleefully glowing moment. Stitching peculiar history, these film quilts create a singular voice of textural textile pleasure.

Sabrina Gschwandtner’s Film Quilts are on view at Shoshana Wayne Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA, until April 18, 2015. It’s a MUST-GO if you are in the area and haven’t already.

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