Complex Decisions at CES Gallery

Small Delights by Russell Tyler and Easton Miller

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Despite the title Complex Decisions, the grouping of small abstract paintings at CES Gallery is an intimate fun little affair that is straightforward in its appeal. It tempts you to reach into your wallet and pull out the plastic; you hope that the 5% cashback bonus is still valid. You think, “These would look really nice on my walls.” Among the seven artists included, Russell Tyler and Easton Miller shine.

Each artist is hanging two works on the wall for the occasion. All four paintings idiosyncratically play up the tension between the tactile, materialized textures against the comparatively flat, superficial grounds. The visual quality of these textures is cake-y, appearing much like a badly spread strawberry, blueberry, or vanilla icing over a sugary cake.

Though Tyler opts for the geometric and Miller the biomorphic, the end products share an equally wicked, dumb appearance that is enchanting. Playfully gestural motifs dance to the reverberating echoes of vibrating colors. Miller connotes a blissful fun, while Tyler mind-effingly messes with your vision. If there is a complex decision to be had, it would be choosing which painting to take home, provided that your card is not declined.

You can still catch Complex Decisions this week through Saturday, June 6th, 2015 at CES Gallery. It’s a TICKLISHLY-FUN. You can also, of course, see the paintings by other artists Ian Hegarty, Yago Hortal, Kenton Parker, Mike Parillo, and Bryan Ricci.

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