Kim MacConnel at Rosamund Felsen

Rosamund Felsen Delivers with Kim MacConnel

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Traveling east from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles, Rosamund Felsen’s new space in the industrial and truck noise-filled Santa Fe neighborhood is beautifully airy. Its much anticipated debut is marked by the bright and bold, decorative abstracted patterns created by the West Coast veteran painter Kim MacConnel. The inaugural moment is an opportunity for the legendary gallerist to once again make her statement and stake her claim in the hip and hopping scene. And she delivers.

Inspired by the artist’s time spent in Mexico and Africa, MacConnel’s paintings feature exciting vibrance of playful red, sunshine yellow, deep ocean blue, summer green, and energetic orange. Accentuated by daring black, dancing patterns emerge as a series of unconfined circles and rhythmic zigzags and diamonds are thoughtfully laid down. Primarily, staccato musical notes permeate the canvas surface. Even though these paintings were brought into this world several decades back, they are still lively and energetic and brighten up the new space.

Situated next to the commotion of delivery trucks and busy factories, along with ample skylight that heightens the jovial gay colors of the paintings, one finds himself in a strange space where the hustling and bustling of factory workers is momentarily suspended. The sunshine of California, the ocean breeze from the south of the border, and the grassy wind from the safari plains all simultaneously exist within the walls of the gallery —all the while the time appears to stand still.

Kim MacConnel’s Avenida Revolucion is still on view at Rosamund Felsen until May 16, 2015. It’s a FUN-TO-CHECK-OUT. For more insight into the gallery’s decision to relocate, check out Carolina Miranda’s piece on Los Angeles Times.

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