Jon Pylypchuck at China Art Objects

Pylypchuck’s :( Are Unequivocally :)

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I had known about LA artist Jon Pylypchuck for his positively shoddy sculptural delights. So it was a total and pleasant surprise to find his adorably captivating paintings at China Art Objects in Culver City.

I must say, these paintings of 🙁 faces were electrically beautiful, something I haven’t seen in a while. Pylypchuck took my breath away. Glossy, lustrous enamel and warm, soft spray paint (air brush?) are masterfully choreographed to draw eyes and mouth on a squarish white flat surface (is it just me or do you see tofu?). So simple yet so intricate.

They were 🙂 and divinely delicious. Go Pylypchuck!

More information about Jon Pylypchuck and China Art Objects on page.

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