David Jien at Richard Heller

Exodus of David Jien

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If David Jien’s solo appearance at Richard Heller Gallery, at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, is to live up to its title Exodus, it should be about the departure and growth of the artist from his previous self. And that’s exactly what Jien has given us.

Divided into two sections, the front room features his signature, technically masterful, narrative intensive illustrations. In the other space, we are greeted by the rows of funny-faced sculpted heads that exude the sentiment of pre-emoji, pre-emoticon eras. Two illustrations in the same room, both of which feature far simpler compositional choices and design elements, complement these wonky heads by offering us deeper mysteries.

In this juxtaposition of the beautifully rendered narratives against the edited, the mysterious, and the emotional, we are delighted to witness Jien’s own exodus.

This Saturday (May 2, 2015) is the last day to check out David Jien’s Exodus at Richard Heller Gallery. It’s a GIGGLY-MUST.

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