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Enchanting LAM Gallery

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It doesn’t rain much in SoCal. But it did when LAM Gallery, located on Highland just a few blocks south of Santa Monica Boulevard, opened its door for the first time. I was going to catch the inaugural show featuring a long-time Los Angeles painter Monique Prieto. The rain was not kind to my plan, however. Soaked and late to the party, I gave up and only finally visited the gallery two weeks ago as its second exhibition of new works by Dani Tull was wrapping up.

Through the narrow entrance, up a few steps, and into the front space, I spotted a few pieces by Prieto casually leaning against the walls. Ready to be packed and shipped, I imagined. Playfully loose and full of rhythm, they were so different from the artist’s previous styles. Glad I got the sweet whiff o’ them. The main gallery extended in the back, deeper than it was wide. Broken into two sections, there sat Dani Tull’s light and colorfully tripping paintings, six-sided tripodal sculptures, and monofilament string installations.

Looking around the rooms, the lightness of Tull’s colors optically blended the works with their white surroundings. I then saw the faintly glowing neons of pinks and greens filling the space. There was a feeling of something spiritual occupying the environment. Its presence was almost musical. While getting caught in myriad spider webs, I went on a momentary trip induced by soft pastel neons.

The show was titled Enchantment to Eschaton. Although I did not reach or witness the end of the world as suggested, the former was a no brainer. The same can be said about the gallery itself. These are just the beginnings. I’ve seen the first two acts (okay, I cheated quite a bit on the first but hey) and I feel enchanted. I’m excited for the future programs by this small gem of a place on Highland.

See the gallery’s website for future/past exhibitions at www.lamgalleryla.com. It’s a ONE-TO-WATCH. The gallery is exhibiting Zoe Crosher’s photographic work this weekend at Paris Photo LA. Next weekend, Phyllis Green’s sculptural work will be on display at its Highland location.

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