Bernard Piffaretti at Cherry and Martin

Bernard Pifferatti Dabbling in Doubles

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Immediately, Andy’s Double Elvis came to mind; Jackie, too. His interest in moving pictures also paralleled the title of Bernard Piffaretti’s painting show, Moving Pictures, which recently concluded at Cherry and Martin in Culver City. The duplicity in Warhol’s silkscreened celebrity images were hard to shake off while contemplating on judiciously edited, loosely geometric forms on Piffaretti’s canvases.

Separated by a singular stroke running down the middle of the surface, the pleasurably simple motifs on each side appeared nearly identical. Upon a closer look, however, slight differences became progressively amplified. The comparing exercise soon became much like watching a subtly differentiated A/B ad campaign.

Similar to Warhol’s attempt at discerning the moving images by deploying dual figures on a singular plane, Pifferatti displayed a linear passage of minuscule time by freezing two frames side by side. The resulting static scene was quietly potent, suggesting the unfolding of the future that never arrived.

At first, the work exuded an intellectual aura that made it a little difficult to approach. But surprisingly, Pifferatti’s eagerly minimal compositions were easy to take in. Set against the white void, the emphasis on primary colors and a limited palette also delighted the eyes with straightforwardness. The paintings became friendly and personable, inviting even. I was lost deep in the quiet realm where everything came in two. Double your pleasure. Double your fun —just like that TV commercial. And a small epiphany visited. Bernard Piffaretti is a painter’s painter. The artist revealed so much with so little. Oh my, what a joy.

Bernard Piffaretti’s Moving Pictures recently concluded at Cherry and Martin in Culver City. Check out current and future programs by the gallery on their website.

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