Amir Fallah at Charlie James

Amir Fallah Is Deliciously Dark and Humorous

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Chinatown in Los Angeles had its share of art boom and bust. Many galleries had come and gone, including a few that were dear to BLT. Has the tide changed? I don’t know. But we still see relative new comers (but per Chinatown tenure standard, they are already lifers) showing some interesting works. Charlie James is one of them.

If you don’t know the current artist on display Amir Fallah, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Beautiful Decay mag. Yup. The man is the man behind it. But no need for that fact to get in the way, because his new works are deliciously dark and humorous.

Enter the space and the modest size gallery feels more like a dutifully curated project room in a museum. Then immediately thereafter, you are met with uniquely Fallah’s colorful sensibility, highly decorative stages set as the backdrop for his paintings, and a hair disturbing anonymous figures and artifacts.

The mysteriously faceless figures are posing for portrait while holding mementos of the days past. Distinctively Western in their appearance, the items being held create a wonderfully uneasy disconnect between them and their possessors. We want to pry the history and identity of these people but the artifacts alone do not reveal much, if at all. It’s a trip down the darkly humorous alley.

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